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Independent research and development, the world's largest amphibious plane zhuhai assembly line

Date: 2014-11-03

"Advantages and development of the aircraft has been our focus, we pay more attention to research and development design, production and other aviation industry chain of high-end link."Zhuhai aviation industrial park management committee director of economic and trade development council Lin Weiping said.In her view, air transport equipment manufacturing in manufacturing the top of "pyramid", many technology, has the advantages such as high value-added, high-tech content, the improvement and extension of industry chain has a great role in promoting.
In the process of development of aviation manufacturing industry, on the one hand, the introduction of expanding industrial scale manufacturing industry in zhuhai, on the other hand, by encouraging independent research and development, the key to promote industry high-end link extension.
It is understood that the China national aviation fly has set up a research and development base in zhuhai, batch production cirrus SR20 / SR22 series aircraft, A2C the eagle 500 aircraft, aircraft, ship the 5 b aircraft, aerostats, and other products, some of these products to occupy the "commanding heights" of the industry.To "lead the AG300" the success of research and development manufacturing, for example, experts say, it is to fill the gaps in our country the type of aircraft manufacturing, is zhuhai persistence to aviation chain link up, improve the core competitiveness in miniature.
, moreover, so far, China national aviation fly has been formed in zhuhai aviation research and development, operations, club etc. Six in the field of aviation enterprise.Notable is, China national aviation fly to invest $80 million this year "catic cessna executive cooperative production project" has been completed registered company, plans to produce the first this year two cessna high-end executive, each aircraft market price will reach one hundred million yuan.
In catic tong fly leads, the other high-end enterprises has also been associated with air to zhuhai.Learned, with strong competitiveness in the field of chip research and development of listed companies the bits will be in zhuhai building satellites and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) on a chip production project.
Zhuhai led trillions of shipping market
For zhuhai aviation industry, the research and development, manufacturing industry layout is not all of them.In June this year, zhuhai, yangjiang, luo certain low-level visual transitions flight routes, the official opening, this is known as the "ice-breaking" domestic low altitude navigation line behind is as high as one trillion yuan, the broad prospects for the future value of the shipping market.
Specifically, the pearl river west bank advanced equipment manufacturing industry area planning to give priority to with zhuhai, focus on developing general aircraft, water planes, unmanned aerial vehicles, special vehicles and light helicopter industry, strengthen the key technology research and development.
Jinwan zhuhai aviation industrial park officials said: "the current national policy has a tendency to gradually ease the low-altitude navigation, a one trillion yuan of the shipping market is gradually opening, the for the aviation industry of guangdong is a big opportunity. In this big development time, sitting on jinwan zone of zhuhai is a responsibility, should shoulder the development of general aviation equipment manufacturing, power of the pearl river west bank of the construction of the advanced equipment manufacturing industry area."
Jinwan Lin Weiping revealed that this year, zhuhai will be opened on November 10th airshow China as an opportunity to carry out project investment promotion activities, aiming at leading enterprises at home and abroad, the introduction of one or two significant influence and demonstration effect of leading industry's project, further promote the industry agglomeration and cluster.