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John's was held at zhuhai enterprise top ten advanced worker award ceremony

Date: 2012-12-05

Zhuhai special economic zone by 5 real estate development co., LTD. "the way the most glorious dreams of labor" 2012 annual zhuhai enterprise top ten advanced worker selection awards ceremony on November 27 at 2 PM at the zhuhai DE John was held in hotel, has selected the "2012 annual zhuhai enterprise top ten advanced worker" shall be commended, attended the award ceremony, the number of more than 500.Zhuhai pattern by home textile city, zhuhai city famous household, zhuhai gome, zhuhai gold ambry and furniture industry also participated in the activities of the selection.

5 group vice President Sue branch seeks the Sir, zhuhai charity federation secretary, Mr. DingWeiTing 5 group deputy general manager, Mr. YueXiongHui zhuhai private enterprise chamber of commerce secretary, Mr. LiangZiXi 5 group administration and human resources director especially elim lady, zhuhai QingLian committee deputy secretary-general, Sir HuangYan from zhuhai sports federation vice President ZhuLiangLi lady, zhuhai property of the window, netease property, zhuhai easy life executive director ms eppinger s. sourcing by design, China democratic national construction association zhuhai committee secretary general QinShuYu Sir, zhuhai municipal development and reform bureau deputy director, Mr. HeWenCheng 5 group planning and marketing center deputy director, Mr. ZhaoJunQi zhuhai municipal federation of trade unions of art LvGongWei lady have attended the ceremony.

 As we have learned, the selection activities by the zhuhai special economic zone 5 real estate development co., LTD., the zhuhai easy life, zhuhai property of the window, zhuhai netease real estate media, zhuhai ShenSi enterprise management consulting co., LTD. Will the whole.The whole event got zhuhai related associations and media unit's support vigorously, the activity in the May 1, 2013 official start, lasted more than a month, the city has more than 70 enterprises support and participation, auditions toll to more than 100000 people, and ultimately selected hold in zhuhai zhuhai special economic zones for the enterprise and contributing to the players at more than 100, through the online public votes and the strict censorship, and ultimately selected 2012 zhuhai enterprise top ten advanced workers, they are zhuhai three beautiful motor co., LTD. The yellow group ginger ladies;Zhuhai gree daikin precision mould co., LTD., general affairs department minister Mr ZhongJiWei;Zhuhai ribbon color co., LTD., yellow FuJun ladies;Zhuhai postal TouDiJu mountain before delivery department manager Mr. PengXiaoDi;Zhuhai nantes metal technology co., LTD., vice general manager Mr. ShenZhongJian;China railway materials group co., LTD., Hong Kong and Macao executive director, general manager Mr. WangHui;Zhuhai technician institute, zhuhai senior vestibule school teacher Mr. DengYongMing;Zhuhai jinwan district sanzao town of municipal administration service center manager Mr. ZhengZongXing;Zhuhai bacteria sweet garden kitchen service center director Mr. LiaoZhiYong cold dishes;Zhuhai honesty power electronics co., LTD. ChenDaFei Sir.