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Zhuhai New Yuanming Palace

Date: 2012-11-20

New Yuanming Palace in the second day in February 1997 formally completed and open, it is located in the zhuhai jiuzhou avenue mountain stone forest, covers an area of 1.39 square kilometers, with Beijing yuanmingyuan for manuscript, 1:1 yuanmingyuan selected 40 landscape of 18 scene built, the investment is 600 million yuan RMB, is our country the first 4 a level scenic spots one. With its strong qing culture, fine and chic pavilion, Taiwan, building, pavilion and the magnificent large dance performance attracted many tourists at home and abroad. New Yuanming Palace melt classical royal architectural complex, jiangnan classical garden architectural complex and western architectural complex as one, for the tourists to show the qing dynasty receives time. In the west, is a unique high temperament of western architectural complex, white marble stone wall body, delicate inside adornment, let you as if place oneself in the ancient European palace. Zhengda light house, jiuzhou clear feast scenic spots, such as layout solemn, founder, or reflect the royal air, or show the temple beauty free from vulgarity temperament; Yellow coloured glaze deportment dignified; Green coloured glaze with vigor, Purple coloured glaze a protection against evil spirits, it is no wonder that emperor qianlong have "no carving don't draw, self-congratulation porch hovel meaning".