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Dehan Hotel Zhuhai sweetgum gold month feeling with the Mid-Autumn festival

Date: 2012-09-19

Maple leaf fragrance, the gold month feeling.GuYue always according to the river, old friend still send to long for.Years nearly Mid-Autumn festival, with DE John hotel carefully cooked "sweetgum gold month" the more and more strong unique fragrance, people's hearts that a lovesickness the meaning of reunion, also be to provoke more clear and powerful.

In this full of good fortune and festive season, DE John hotel "sweetgum gold month" in the colorful moon cake market particularly conspicuous, it is the unique brand image, is an annual midautumn festival moon cake market beautiful scenery.

Varieties of pure taste
Moon cakes, the most traditional culture connotation snacks, although pattern again heavy and complicated, taste to change, but still can't change it as "eat" the basic functions.Because of this, the taste is still each brand moon cake the most powerful competitive weight.DE John hotel deep Ming this way, each a "sweetgum gold month" have the pure taste and exquisite craft, tasted "sweetgum gold month", will be on the pure and fresh and sweet taste don't have favour.DE John hotel in the "sweetgum gold month" quality quality monitoring on the more critical and meticulous, any a small defects, can make the pursuit of perfect "sweetgum gold month" people can't accept it.
In the varieties, "sweetgum gold month" main of gold foil brittle preserved egg yellow lotus seed paste month, and honour and do not break elegance, its quality is improving.DE John hotel in the lotus seed paste is particularly hard on select material, layer upon layer filipina-american, super pure XiangLian join the top peanut oil, the careful adjustment of lotus seed paste made lianxiang full-bodied, melt in your mouth, authentic dongting lake salted egg HuangXianXiang aftertaste making a person is boundless.And the double yellow lotus seed paste month, gold WuRen leg on taste classic, carefully select material more than the, but also a dab hand production, inherits the extensive pattern moon cake classic taste.
In addition, "sweetgum gold month" still keep for a long time the popular classic moon cake varieties - tide type egg yolk moon cake, corn pureed month etc roughage moon cakes.Roughage in plant fiber can promote the intestinal peristalsis, carding intestines and stomach, strengthen metabolism, activate blood vessels.In addition, "sweetgum gold month" and submarine coconut month, kumquat paste month, pineapple jam month, green tea, such as innovation on varieties, with its natural and pure and fresh, unique taste to win consumer's favor.Particularly recommended is, "sweetgum gold month" series of moon cake also considering the diabetes patients and do not love to eat sweets people's special demand, make suitable for light taste the food of low-glycemic index "healthy" moon cakes, taste and health care two not mistake.

Quality assurance in process
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people attach more and more importance to quality, and moon cakes as a traditional Mid-Autumn festival should festival food, natural and more attention.
Because of this, in the moon cake production material selection, "sweetgum gold month" series of moon cakes in line with in the interests of hygiene, with "detail decides success or failure to attitude decides everything" concept, make "sweetgum gold month" series of moon cake production management on the road of normalization.In the moon cake materials production, "sweetgum gold month" always implement the principle of excellence, completely according to the country to the international ISO standard, from year to year through the sanitation and antiepidemic station inspection, firmly grasp to healthy element, natural element as the basic material, with health, fresh ingredients make safety fillingsIn the production process, do one's best beautiful while health element infiltration to every process link in, do all linked with one another, successively checks, put all not conducive to health factors ruled out.
In the management of the enterprise, the zhuhai DE John hotel quality first.In improving "sweetgum gold month" series of moon cakes brand awareness and at the same time, positive response state quality inspection administration and national standard committee issued "moon cake compulsory national standards" the spirit of the documents, guarantee the safe to eat moon cakes, moon cakes limit excessive packaging."Sweetgum gold month" midautumn festival moon cake in strict accordance with the provisions of the national standard production moon cakes, economize reduce waste.It is because of this kind of strict self-discipline system, "sweetgum gold month" midautumn festival moon cake production for eight years, never appear unqualified level of product.It is in the process of quality and strict requirements, "sweetgum gold month"