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Zhuhai part attractions female visitors free play

Date: 2012-03-02

Reporter ChenQiao brilliant reports "38" women's day is coming, and the merchants tightly staring at women's day business opportunities launch a variety of promotional activities, the zhuhai tourism market according to the characteristics of female tourists line quietly listed, in order to attract tourists, a lot of scenic spots, travel agencies also hit free ticket and preferential price etc, in order to take "38" tourist market.

Enjoy flower a line by holding

International women's day for grab market, some travel agencies had hit "woman" brand. Travel agencies in the promotion of "38" LvYouXian the road, with short line is given priority to, specially introduced a more suitable for female near outing, hot spring tourism and enjoy flower a swim and short line, the nansha "millions of kwai garden", qingyuan "lavender world" and so on the line and popular.
In addition, the Hong Kong macau shopping tour line also is many women to chase after hold in both hands. Miss li in a foreign work, she told reporters, usually work is very busy, where to go to no, "38" women's day going to Macao shopping minus pressure relief.
Sources from the zhuhai of travel agencies, recently to travel travel agency registration of a female, the travel agency has received a lot of consultation "38" during travel line of citizens, in addition to individual traveler outside, still have some unit group, a lot of unit ready to "38" women's day to travel as a bonus and welfare to female employees. Located in gongbei a travel agency staff to tell a reporter, because three April is off-season travel, air tickets and travel cost reduced, at that time to travel, travel cost are down to low, at this time is a good time to travel.

Part scenic spot free

The reporter understands, zhuhai part scenic spot early ready, in view of the "38" women's day out some wonderful activities, compete for female market this big "cake". Part of the zhuhai scenic spot in women's day period, but also big part to female compatriots to free into the garden holiday gift. Zhuhai ocean bay launch female tourists discount tickets, for all women at a discount, the ocean hot spring 100 yuan per person, mysterious island 60 yuan per person, was born on March 8 or won the 2011 national, guangdong province, zhuhai at all levels of women's federation recognition "march-eighth red-banner pacesetter", "outstanding women cadres" can free ticket into.