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Zhuhai scenic spots first holiday 'hot' rise

Date: 2012-04-30

Special zone daily reporter ChenSuBi reported: small long vacation first, zhuhai tourist attractions from the afternoon began to people multiplied, the launch of new activity is well received by local people and tourists welcome, everyone taking advantage of this heavy rains down after the first sunshine weather, go out leisure, enjoy the holiday.

Yesterday afternoon, a large number of tourists gathered in wan chai tourism wharf, will take "wind" size cruise to experience new launch of the "lingnan water swim".

To participate in "lingnan water swim" tourists, from the wan chai tourism wharf set out, take a boat along the way ornamental hengqin bridge, taxus forest region, lantern sluice, the island in zhuhai has local characteristics of the landscape.
"The past also come to zhuhai to cruise, but today's lingnan water swim feel especially good, tourism projects more abundant. From the dongguan CanTuan to zhuhai came the May Day holiday is Mr. Tao of 3, weather station in the ship deck appreciate the scenery, tourism to wan chai pier of the new project impression is very good, said the family felt a new offshore leisure trip.