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DE John hotel held 2009 winter jasmine party, invite famous singer artist detonate hot spot

Date: 2009-01-12

9 in the evening, the west group, the bead the shares in zhuhai DE John hotel (zhuhai may international conference center hotel) was held 2009 winter jasmine party, first of all with a host YanYaMin, ZhouQi and leadership issued for employees. Company staff and guests from all walks of life happily gather in one place, altogether celebrates the achievements of the past year, and New Year greeting each other. Have passionate dance, on-site lucky draw, hit a solo show, etc. Colourful TV program will be the whole party string became a sea of joy.

The evening's activities have lucky draw, dancing, singing and other entertainment link. The party in the high-level leader of the beads are attending the party outside, still looking to turn many artists have clap music male singer XieYuXun, Hong Kong the minutes to fame "good at imitating many singer (Alan tam, hacken lee's, wangjie, Jacky cheung, Paula, etc) sound FengWen music, national singer von shanshan, and guangdong famous popular singer ShangBaoRu, 5 years southern new champion liu yuanyuan as guest artists such as performance. The artist tilting force performance more field in sit leadership and the audience to bring atmosphere reached its peak.